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Points Systems for Joint Expo & Operators Day
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Joint Expo Point System for Exhibitor Booth Selection


Exhibitors are assigned booths through a point system. The points are calculated based on a rolling total for the past five years. Booth assignments will be made once each month leading up to the show until all space is allocated. Booth space must be paid for in order to have your booth space assigned regardless of points earned.



What earns points?


  1. Number of times exhibiting in the past 5 years. Cumulative and 1 point per year
  2. Total number of booths purchased in the last 5 years (total points vary). Cumulative and 1 point per 10 x 10 booth space
  3. Points will be given for sponsoring and exhibiting at the MWEA and AWWA Annual Conferences each year (points not cumulative)*:
    • MWEA (5 points max):
      • MWEA AC Exhibitor: 1 pt
      • Lake Superior sponsor: 4 pts
      • Lake Michigan sponsor: 3 pts
      • Lake Huron sponsor: 2 pt
      • Lake Erie: 1 pt
    • MI-ACE (5 points max):
      • MI-ACE Exhibitor: 1 pt
      • Platinum Sponsor: 4 pts
      • Gold Sponsor: 3 pts
      • Silver Sponsor: 2 pts
      • Bronze Sponsor: 1 pt

Examples of Points Earned:


Company “A” has exhibited every year for the past 5 years. They have purchased two (2) booths per year.

Years Exhibiting (2016-2020):     5

Booths 2016:     2

Booths 2017:     2

Booths 2018:     2

Booths 2019:     2

Booths 2020:     2

Total Booths:     10

Total Points for 2020 Booth Selection:     15


Company “B”  has exhibited every year for the last 5 years, initially bought one but increased their booths over the years. They also exhibited at MWEA and MI-ACE during 2018 and sponsored MWEA at the Lake Superior Level.

Years Exhibiting (2016-2020):    5

Booths 2016:     1

Booths 2017:     2

Booths 2018:     4

Booths 2019:    6

Booths 2020:    8

Total Booths:    26

MWEA 2020 annual conference:    TBD

MI-ACE 2020:    TBD

Total Points for 2020 Booth Selection:    26 + whatever points earned for MWEA and MI-AWWA annual conference participation.


Ties will be addressed looking at the following criteria: Booth Preference and right of first refusal for existing booth. Then, date of paid booth space. Then, comparing each company based on the previous year. Each tied company will be compared based on participation in the expo (yes or no), and number of booths in that specific year. Review will continue going back up to five (5) years until priority is assigned.


*Points given for exhibiting or sponsoring at MWEA and/or MI-AWWA annual conferences are for the current year only.  (2019 conferences for the 2020 Joint Expo & Operators Day)

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