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The Michigan Section operates with six Councils overseeing the activities of the organization.


Conference & Recognition

Education & Training

Government Affairs


Technical Network    



Communications Council

The purpose of this Council is serve as a resource for the development and implementation of programs designed to improve the water industry’s image; to increase public appreciation of the importance of safe drinking water; to increase the professional image of the water industry; to support national programs promoting the water profession that are in alignment with the Michigan Section strategic plan; and to oversee internal communication to assure an informed membership. This oversight includes website, newsletter, direct mail decisions, and monitoring online usage and website analytics to determine appropriate use of social media and website development.

Chair - Cindy Irving  cindy.irving @
Vice Chair -  vacant
Board Liaison - Bill Maier

Team Members: Ben Anderson, Stephanie Geiger, Angie Goodman, Michael O' Malley, Kris Philip, Randy Roost, Tom Smith, Michelle Zdrodowski

Conference & Recognition Council

The purpose of this Council is to oversee, coordinate and assure quality implementation of all aspects of the annual conference; to define and implement a coordinated, quality system of awards, contests, and recognition appropriate to the Section; and be accountable to the strategic plan and our Section values of quality products/services, excellence in all we do, and innovation/creativity.

Chair - Dave Stinson  dstinson @   (248) 421-9659
Vice Chair - Janice Skadsen
Board Liaison - Greg Alimenti

Team Members:  Kip Koszewski, Ken McDonough, Jim Reinhold, Mike Schlegelmann, Doug Scott, Pat Staskiewicz

Education & Training Council

The purpose of this Council is to serve as an umbrella, overseeing, aligning, and coordinating all education functions or events to support the strategic plan.

Chair - Bob Miller    robert.miller @
Vice Chair - Gary Wozniak
Board Liaison - Joe VanderStel

Team Members: Bruce Bartley, Ray Berkin, Grant Gartrell, Mike Grenier, Dawn Lund, Paul Reinsch, Scott Schmidt, Brian Thurston, Trevor Wagenmaker

Government Affairs & Legislation Council

The purpose of this Council is advocacy activity and policy position recommendations to the Section Board; to be aware of and proactively influence pending legislation and/or administrative rules or regulations which would affect the waterworks industry; to continue to frame policy positions for the section that support providing the highest quality drinking water; to establish contact with and support the activities of the AWWA Water Utility Council; and to utilize AWWA resources in Washington, D.C. and contacts in other Sections.

Chair - Molly Maciejewski   mmaciejewski @   (734) 794-6000
Vice Chair - Andrew Reynolds
Board Liaison - Clyde Dugan

Team Members: Richard Benzie, Arif Cekic, Matt Davis, Bill Fritz, Steve Guy, John O'Brien, Cheryl Porter, Mike Quinnell, Andrew Reynolds, Randy Scott, Bob Veneklasen, Bill Wolfson

Member Recruitment & Engagement Council

The purpose of this Council is to build upon the existing foundation to recruit, retain and engage members; to promote the benefits of AWWA and the Michigan Section to potential members; to develop a diversified pipeline of potential leaders to fill leadership roles; to develop and manage a program to integrate the new members and in particular young professionals into the Section community; and to identify water professionals from diverse backgrounds/functions and engage them in Section activities.

Chair - Tina Pawlak  tpawlak @  
Vice Chair - Carrie Cox
Board Liaison - Jaime Fleming

Team Members: Alando Chappell, Joe Eastman, Jenna Karazim, Ashley Kimble, Chuck Van de Kolk

Technical network Council

The purpose of this Council is to facilitate the development of communities of practice, connecting members who have a special interest in a particular issue or function of the water industry; and to oversee the development and implementation of projects addressing the mission of making a difference in people’s lives.

Chair - Geneva Vanlerberg geneva.vanlerberg @ (517) 702-6544
Vice Chair - Matt Parks
Board Liaison - Amy Vail

Team Members: Jon Dmitruk, Sally Duffy, Glenn Hummel, Chuck Kronk, Peter Schwarz, Aaron Uranga, Ben Whitehead


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