MI-AWWA is a local section of the American Water Works Association and is subject to an affiliation agreement with the Association. The Michigan Section maintains its own financial statements and is governed by its own By-Laws as originally adopted in 1938 and most recently updated and approved in January 2016.


The Section is governed by a Board of Trustees duly elected by the Section membership. The Board establishes and provides oversight for the strategic direction, governing policies, and budgets. The Board is responsible for securing and protecting the resources of the Section to ensure the delivery of programs and services that meet the mission and purpose of the Section.

The Board delegates some of its strategic oversight to Councils and Committees, which exist to provide leadership and oversight in six strategic areas including communications, membership, education and training, conferences & member recognition, government affairs, and strategic partnerships.

Forms & Policies

As a nonprofit, the organization's annual filing of IRS Form 990 and other official documents are available on the About Us page.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is being updated to better align with the newly revised strategic plan.


We are successful because of the generosity and dedication of our volunteers. Visit our Volunteer page to learn more and "raise your hand" to volunteer.

Section Spokespeople

MI-AWWA works diligently to help educate the public about the value of water. That includes talking with the media about various aspects of a public water supply. The individuals listed are people who can speak to a variety of issues related to the water sector in Michigan. Please contact staff if you would like to talk with any of our spokespeople.