Section Spokespeople

MI-AWWA works diligently to help educate the public about the value of water. That includes talking with the media about various aspects of a public water supply. The individuals listed are people who can speak to a variety of issues related to the water sector in Michigan. Please contact staff if you would like to talk with any of our spokespeople.
Bonnifer Ballard, MI-AWWA Executive Director

Bonnifer Ballard is executive director of the Michigan Section of AWWA and is responsible for overseeing the administration and implementation of programs and the strategic plan of the organization. She also assists with fundraising, marketing, and community outreach efforts. Prior to MI-AWWA, Bonnifer was director of communication and outreach for the American Nuclear Society and was the manager of donor development for the College of DuPage. She earned a master’s degree in leadership studies from North Central College and a bachelor’s degree in business from Cleary University. 

Wayne Jernberg, Grand Rapids Water Department

Wayne has been the manager for the City of Grand Rapids Water System since 2020 and has been with this organization in various roles since 2006. Prior to his time at the city, Wayne worked for multiple consulting engineering firms that were engaged in work in numerous water systems. Wayne is a graduate of Michigan Technological University and is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Michigan. He holds a State of Michigan S-1 Drinking Water Operator Certification and serves as chair for the State of Michigan Drinking Water Advisory Council. Wayne is a 2018 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Water and Wastewater Leadership Center as well as a 2023 graduate of the Duke University Water Innovation and Leadership Development Program. Wayne is a past trustee with the Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association and is currently serving as Section chair in the 2022-2023 calendar year.

Matt Kennedy, P.E., OHM Advisors

Matt is a consulting engineer working for OHM Advisors in the company’s Environmental and Water Resources Facilities Group. His specializations are pumping systems, water storage, and control systems. Prior to working with drinking water, he spent four years at an active oil-refinery in Indiana working on groundwater remediation, three years in Illinois managing high-rise construction, and two years in Bolivia as a basic sanitation volunteer for the US Peace Corps. Matt holds a bachelor's of science in physics from the University of Michigan and master's degree in environmental engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Molly Maciejewski, City of Ann Arbor

Molly has been the public works manager at the City of Ann Arbor since 2014. Public Works has 93 employees who provide municipal services across six areas: water distribution, sanitary collection, stormwater, forestry, street maintenance, and solid waste. Molly has also served as the city’s water treatment plant manager and water quality manager. Prior to her tenure in Ann Arbor, she spent 11 years at the State of Michigan in drinking water and stormwater regulatory compliance programs and supervision. Molly’s passion for water stems in part from being a native of the Michigan, the great lakes state and never living more than a few blocks from a body of water. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Molly has been involved with the Michigan Section of AWWA for many years, serving as the chair of the Government Affairs Council and then for the last three years, on the Board of Trustees.

John Willemin, P.E., Fishbeck

John is a consulting engineer with Fishbeck with over 25 years of experience in infrastructure planning, design and construction, focusing on drinking water and wastewater projects. He is the current Vice-Chair for the Government Affairs Council for the Michigan Section and has previously served the Michigan Section as Chair and Trustee of the Board.


Gary Wozniak, P.E., Lansing Board of Water and Light

Gary is a lifelong resident of Michigan and a graduate of Michigan Technological University, holding a bachelor of science degree in environmental engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience in drinking water supply, including as a state government regulator and utility engineer. Gary holds S1, D2, and F3 Michigan waterworks system operator certificates. As an active member of the Michigan Section AWWA, Gary is the chair elect to the Board of Trustees, and co-chair of the Historical Preservation Committee. He also teaches 12-week courses for the Michigan Water Academy; Applied Hydraulics for Operators, and Basic Chemistry for Water and Wastewater Operators. His current employer is the Lansing Board of Water & Light.