The Current

Next Episode is Here: Meet the Podcast Team

In this episode of The Current, hosts Matt Lane and Jaime Fleming kick off the podcast by introducing themselves and sharing their unique journeys into the water industry. Matt, hailing from the east side of Michigan, transitioned from a career in local government to the Great Lakes Water Authority. Jaime, representing the west side, accidentally found her way into the field through a newspaper job listing and has since worked her way up to becoming a treatment plant superintendent.

Joining the conversation are executive producer Samarhia Giffel, communications coordinator Stacey Kukkonen, and technical producer Curtis Burris-White who provide behind-the-scenes insights into the making of the podcast. The group discusses their favorite catchphrases and philosophies, showcasing their diverse personalities and perspectives.

Looking ahead, the team previews upcoming episodes, which will delve into crucial topics such as affordability, lead and copper rule updates, the Water 2050 campaign, and compelling stories from the field. The podcast aims to educate listeners about the intricacies of water and wastewater processes while spotlighting the dedicated professionals who keep the industry running.

With a mix of expertise, passion, and humor, The Current is poised to make a splash in the water industry, sparking conversations and inspiring change from the Great Lakes State and beyond.


Inaugural Episode 0: Listen Here

The Current is a podcast series by the Michigan Section AWWA offering insights and useful career information for those in the water section. 

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