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Because we're affiliated with AWWA, when you join AWWA, you join the Michigan Section as well. 

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Individual Membership

A water utility employee, municipal official, public health professional, engineer, scientist, educator, consultant, or other person interested or serving in the field of water supply. 

Young Professional

An individual interested or serving the field of water supply, who is age 35 or younger may enjoy a first-year discount of up to 53% on AWWA dues. 

Operator or Administrator

Operations and administrative staff below the supervisory level at a utility with more than 1,000 service connections. Any staff member at a utility with fewer than 1,000 service connections. 


A student enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours (or the equivalent) of accredited classes. (only $20, $10 if you join MWEA first)


To be eligible for retiree membership, you must meet three qualifications:

  • Have 10 years of AWWA membership
  • Be at least 55 or more years of age
  • Substantially retired from all gainful employment There are two retiree membership options, one with print periodicals (09) and one with e-periodicals only (08). 

To be eligible for life membership, you must meet two qualifications: 

  • Have 30 years of AWWA membership
  • Be at least 65 years of age
Utility Membership

Dues are determined by the number of customer service connections or by population served divided by 3.5. 

  • Small System
    • A utility with 5,000 or fewer customer service connections.
  • Water System
    • Water, wastewater, reuse, storm water or combined utility with more than 5,001 service connections.
  • Water Supplier
    • An organization that continuously supplies water to the public, with greater than 5,001 customer service connections.
  • Water Wholesaler
    • A water supplier that provides water to other utilities at wholesale. 
Service Provider

Dues are determined by gross annual sales to the water/wastewater industry. 

  • Companies engaged in the manufacture, sale, and/or distribution of products or services to the water/wastewater industry.
  • Companies engaged in the construction of water supply and/or treatment facilities.
  • Firms engaged in providing consulting/ professional services to the water industry.
  • Companies engaged in the contract operation of water utilities. Contract operations firms may also be eligible for Utility Membership.

The main contact, designated by an organizational member, receives all organizational benefits and facilitates the membership renewal. In addition, they receive all the benefits of Individual membership. 

Organizational members are allotted a specific number of Individual memberships to assign to employees. These individuals receive all the benefits and privileges of membership.

    Associations, government agencies, universities and libraries, or other organizations that do not fall into the above membership categories.


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    • Get what you need, when you need it. Resources on and on the Section site.
    • Enhance your professional knowledge, management and decision-making skills through local training by water professionals who understand the issues you face every day.
    • Connect with water professionals across the state through networking events and online communities to discover practical solutions that work.
    • Receive regular updates, alerts, and advisories on current topics and issues in the water sector.
    • Receive publications to Journal, Opflow, and Water Works News