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Joint Expo
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February 7 & 8, 2017 at the Lansing Center in Lansing, MI

The water show of the Midwest, Joint Expo offers a large exhibit floor showcasing the latest technologies, products, and services the water industry has to offer as well as formal classroom training through Operators Day and the Infrastructure Project Funding Seminar, and contests by teams competing for best time in pipe tapping, meter assembly, and more.

This page is for exhibitor information.

Booth Registration now for the 2017 show

Registration for Operators Day training and the Infrastructure Funding Seminar will be available later.


NEW  Beginning with the 2017 show, booth assignment will be made based on a point system. Scroll down for details on the new points system.



Tuesday, February 7    10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Wednesday, February 8    9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (closes earlier than in the past)



No fee for attendance, so water and wastewater utilities will be encouraged to send several representatives.

Exhibit area buffet lunch/concessions are available.

MI-AWWA Water Main Tapping Contest will be held on Tuesday and MI-AWWA Meter Madness Contest and Hydrant Hysteria on Wednesday.

In 2016, there were more than 2,000 show and booth attendees combined, and booth space was sold out.

Two registrations to the 2017 respective Annual Conferences will be given away by MI-AWWA and MWEA.


Booth Registration now for the 2017 show

2017 JOINT EXPO Fee Schedule


# of Booths


Oct 10-Dec 31


After Dec 31










4 or more


plus $450 each additional booth more than four


plus $550 each additional booth more than four

Exhibitor Prospectus

The Exhibitor Prospectus will be mailed to all 2016 exhibitors and individuals on the Joint Expo mailing list as of October 1.

Floor Plan

The floor plan currently shows the position of the MI-AWWA booth and the MWEA booth. Booth assignment will occur monthly beginning in November until space is sold out. The floor plan will be updated after each booth assignment session showing booths purchased and booths still available.

Scavenger Hunt

Look for preliminary information about participating in the Scavenger Hunt with the prospectus. Details will be forthcoming from the Young Professionals and Emerging Professionals in the coming weeks.



1. Number of times exhibiting in the past 5 years. Cumulative. 1 point per year.
2. Total number of booths purchased in the last 5 years (total points vary). Cumulative. 1 point per
10x10 booth.
3. Ties will be addressed looking at the following criteria:
     a. Booth Preference stated on registration
     b. Comparing each company based on the previous year. Each tied company will be compared
based on participation in the expo (yes or no), and number of booths in that specific year.
Review will continue going back up to five (5) years until priority is assigned.

Example A for 2017: Company “A” has exhibited every year for the past 5 years. They
have purchased two (2) booths per year.

Years Exhibiting: 5
Total Booths: 10
Total Points for 2017 Booth Selection: 15

Example B for 2017: Company “B” has exhibited every year for the last 5 years but
initially bought one but increased their booths over the years.

Years Exhibiting: 5
Booths 2012: 1
Booths 2013: 2
Booths 2014: 4
Booths 2015: 6
Booths 2016: 8
Total Booths: 21 21
Total Points for 2017 Booth Selection: 26

4. Starting 2016 (eligible for Joint Expo 2018), points will be given for sponsorship and exhibiting at the
MWEA Annual Conference and MI-AWWA Annual Conference:
     a. MWEA (5 points max):
         - MWEA AC Exhibitor: 1 pt
         - Great Lakes sponsor: 4 pts
         - Lake Superior sponsor: 3 pts
         - Lake Michigan sponsor: 2 pts
         - Lake Huron sponsor: 1 pt
     b. MI-ACE (4 points max)
         - MI-ACE Exhibitor: 1pt
         - Gold Sponsor: 3 pts
         - Silver Sponsor: 2pts
         - Bronze Sponsor: 1 pt







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