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Legislation & Regulations
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It is important that water professionals stay apprised of the latest regulations and any proposed legislation that may impact how you do your job. The Association and the Michigan Section stay on top of the issues and provide updates as we can.

The Section also periodically published Position Statements to help clarify the position the Section takes on particular issues.

Utility members get special access to Utility Insider and other alerts from AWWA. Visit the Utility Insider archive on to see what's been happening recently.


Proposed Michigan Legislation Impacting Water Professionals

This is a working list of legislative activity being monitored by the Section's Government Affairs Council. If you have updated information, please email the Chair.

Bill Title Description
HB5122; SB655
Water Shutoff Protection Act
  • Notice on door to bill payer AND notice on door of consumer (residence) 30-45 days, again at least 10 days before shutoff
  • Notice on door of residence
  • Notice must include information on payment plans, affordability program
  • Requires direct contact with resident before shutoff can occur
  • Prescribes shut off hours
  • Exempts elderly, disabled, certain medical conditions including pregnant women and those on life support system, residences that have minor children, low income households and unoccupied homes
 HB5112 Eliminate testing of cross connection devices on lawn irrigation systems
Test upon installation only
Water Reporting
  • Annual report to Dept of Health and Human Services
  • Report to include :
    • Rates and methodology for rates
    • Usage and Shutoffs, broken into categories that include: household size, age of all occupants, occupant medical conditions, broken down by census tract and zip code
 HB5094 Sampling protocol - pre-flush
Prohibits pre-flush at sample collection, sets administrative fines for failure to follow sampling protocol
Criminal Offenses
Slight modification to language of existing criminal procedure code for various offenses, including those relating to public utilities
 HB5096 Criminal Offense - meter tampering
Establishing misdemeanor and felony offenses for meter tampering to avoid shutoff
Rate Affordability Program
  • Develop and implement rate affordability program - use same criteria as cash assistance program
  • Create Task Force , Establish Fund to be administered by State Treasurer

Water Billing
Amends current language to require rates and actual use on water bills. Requires bills to be sent within 10 days of end of billing period
Billing - Property Liens
allows liens for 10 years (current is 3)
Public Notice
Amends Act 399 to require Tier 2 notices within 72 hours of violation (current is 30 days)
Free Access to Water
Amends Act 399 to provide free access to water at certain access points
Large System Audits
Requires annual audit by third party of water systems serving more than 40% of state population
HB 5285
Water Quality
Requires resting for levels of lead and other contaminants in water supplied to public schools.

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