MI-ACE  Volunteering

Sign-Up to Volunteer at MI-ACE '23

Couldn't make it tot he orientation on August 30th? Click the orange button, below, to view the recording!
Volunteer Orientation Recording

There will be a staffed Volunteer Table where you can go to pick up any materials or ask any additional questions.

Thank you for volunteering!

Below, you will find a description of all of the jobs available.*

Room Monitor & CEC Scanner

Prior to the doors opening, be ready to scan attendees into the session, and be available to act as a room monitor. Greet attendees as you scan them into the session. We are asking for 3 volunteers per session to help scan people into sessions quickly and efficiently. These 3 volunteers would help monitor the room and act as a liaison to staff if there is not a staff member present, as well as acting as a general safety monitor.

General or Breakout Session Moderator

This person would introduce and assist the session speakers and be a time keeper. If there is no Room Monitor or CEC Scanner, be prepared to help scan attendees in and out of the session. All Moderators will be asked to check in at the Volunteer Table by the registration counter and will be given a "moderator kit" when they check in. You may choose to take your moderator kit when you arrive at the conference, or we can otherwise hold it for you at the Volunteer Table.

Ticketed Event Host/Greeter

The purpose of this role is to add a personal touch to the conference. We are asking for 2 Event Hosts and Greeters for each event to be responsible for making attendees feel welcome at the conference as they arrive to the ticketed events. We ask that this person is familiar enough with the conference app to help scan people into the event. If there is no scanning, you may be asked to use a sign-in sheet that will need to be returned to staff after the event. Be available to answer questions, or know where to point attendees with questions. Act as the liaison to staff if there is no staff member present. 

App Assistance

This person will be available to help people navigate the conference app. There is no designated shift, this person would be available throughout their time at the conference. We will have (optional) indicators for these volunteers to wear so that attendees can easily identify anyone that can help with the conference app. We will go over  how to navigate the app during the MI-ACE Volunteer Orientation on August 30th, but you may also stop by the Volunteer Table at registration if you need help learning the app. If you arrive on Tuesday, staff will be available for additional training Tuesday afternoon. Find us at the Volunteer Table or at the registration counter.

Registration Check-In Desk

Assist people as they check in for MI-ACE. All attendees will receive a name badge, a pocket guide, and a sponsor gift. This person will need to know where to direct attendees that have questions, if they can't answer themselves. We will also have a general FAQ sheet for reference.

MI-AWWA Member Booth

Be present at the MI-AWWA Member Booth to engage & recruit members and encourage them to join a Section Committee or Council. The Section booth will host a recruitment contest again this year. Please remember to keep track of who joined and who recruited them so that we can accurately determine a winner. There will be a reference binder with general membership information where you can find a sheet to track recruits.

SWIE Table

Be present with the SWIE Committee to help spread awareness of Safe Water in Ecuador and how to get involved with the Committee.

SWIE Chance Auction

Be present at the SWIE Booth to help host the Chance Auction on Wednesday afternoon from 4:00-6:00pm.

Back-up Volunteer

There are no designated shifts for this role. If an unexpected need arises, this person would be available for us to call for extra help, if their schedule permits. Before the conference, we will follow-up with anyone that signs up for this position to get a best contact number for you while you're onsite.

Once you sign up as a volunteer, don't forget to register for the MI-ACE Volunteer Orientation on Aug 30 to get details on all the jobs. 

*You must be registered for the conference to volunteer. Volunteering will not automatically grant you access to the conference or ticketed events. If you are signing up to host or greet attendees at a ticketed event, you will need to be registered to attend.