Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Business Meeting will be held on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at the Blue Water Convention Center in Port Huron, 8:00 am to 8:20 am. The meeting is being held in conjunction with the Annual Conference & Exhibits (MI-ACE 2023). Registration for the conference is encouraged but not required to attend the business meeting. If you would like to attend the annual business meeting only and do not plan to register for MI-ACE 2023, please RSVP your intention to participate. 


Chair's Report

2023-2024 Nominations

  • Chair-Elect - Rick Solle, Plainfield Township
  • Trustee 2023-2026 - James Cassel, EJ
  • Trustee 2023-2026 - Dan Sroka, Trace Laboratories

Conference Update

Membership Update

Treasurer's Report

All members in good standing may participate in the annual business meeting. 

Register for MI-ACE 2023                                          RSVP for Annual Business Meeting only

Meet the Nominees!

Check out the bios of the nominees. Or check out the summer issue of Michigan Water Works News to read about the members running for the Board of Trustees.