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Volunteer Welcome & Training

There is no fee to attend this meeting.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EST)

Event Details

This presentation is designed to orient all new Michigan Section volunteers to the larger American Water Works Association as well as the Michigan Section structure, and provide information on the Section's Strategic Plan, partnerships, and how to get the most out of volunteering. We will begin at 10 am and will go until 10:45 am for all volunteers, until 11:30 am for Chairs and Vice Chairs or for anyone else interested in learning more about leadership.

Presenter: Rick Solle, Board Trustee


From 10:00-10:45, Part One will discuss:

  • General AWWA information & the MI-AWWA Organizational Structure
  • MI-AWWA Strategic Plan
  • Partnerships
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • What to Expect when volunteering

From 10:45-11:30, Part Two will discuss:

  • Basics of leadership
  • Liaisons
  • Section Operations
  • Resources
  • Tips/Tricks of Leadership

For more information about volunteering, visit our Volunteer Page.

For More Information:

Who should attend:

- Anyone that is interested in learning about volunteering for the Michigan Section

- Any current volunteer that is looking for a refresher on information about MI-AWWA and volunteering

- Anyone that is interested in committee or council leadership

- Any current volunteer leader that is entering a new role within the MI-AWWA Volunteer Program