Manufacturers Advisory Committee

Details Coming Soon

Please reach out to Rebecca Chesnut to get involved

Manufacturer's Advisory Committee

John Kingman
John Kingman
Sales Northern Pump & Well
Committee Chair
Buddy Stanford
Coating Consultant Tnemec Company Inc
David Plooster
Branch Manager EJ
Frank Williams
Frank Williams
Project Manager Peerless-Midwest Inc
Jacob Fox
M.E. Simpson Company, Inc.
James Cassel
James Cassel
Assistant District Manager EJ
John Patry
Team UIS
John Thompson
Business Development Manager SAK Construction, LLC
Kip Koszewski
Lenny J. Solomon
Lenny J. Solomon
Territory Manager Clow Valve
Mike Warmouth
Sherwin-Williams Co
Richard Kendall Quinn
Engineering Director KSB Dubric
Rick Alvarez
Rick Alvarez
Account Manager Kennedy Industries