JOB: Environmental Engineer Licensed 12

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Environmental Engineer Licensed 12

Position Responsibilities

This position serves as the senior licensed district engineer for the Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division (DWEHD). The senior level district engineer is required to be a Licensed Professional Engineer and is responsible for the review, approval, and issuance of construction permits for water supply facilities. As a licensed professional engineer, this person is tasked with the regulatory oversight of community public water supplies as defined by the Michigan Safe Drinking Water, Act 1976 PA 399, as amended (SDWA). The senior level district engineer is the primary contact with community water supplies to fulfill these requirements.  The senior level district engineer reviews non-licensed district engineer work products, provides licensed engineer approvals, and issues construction permits for these non-licensed district staff.

Position Requirements


Possession of a bachelor's degree in engineering.


Three years of professional environmental engineering experience in the protection and improvement of land and water resources, occupational health or air quality equivalent to an Environmental Engineer, including one year equivalent to an Environmental Engineer P11.
Must posses a State of Michigan Professional Engineering license. 

Position Application Process

Please apply through NEOGOV at