JOB: Water & Wastewater Engineering Supervisor

Posted By: Pieter Beyer Career Center,

Job Title: Water & Wastewater Engineering Supervisor

Location: Holland, MI

Base Pay: $82,958 - $102,478 / Year

Job Summary: The position is responsible for directing and supervising the work of the water distribution and wastewater collection system engineering and GIS team. Includes oversight of all capital projects, engineering work programs, GIS and asset management systems, private development review, and construction inspection functions under the direction of the W/WW Services Superintendent.

Essential Duties

  • Direct and supervise the work of the W/WW Engineering team including engineers, technicians, and GIS specialists. Develop work plans and direct teams to achieve infrastructure project needs.
  • Responsible for the full lifecycle of water distribution and wastewater collection system projects, from identification and prioritization through budgeting, bidding, construction, and inspection.
  • Monitor performance of the water distribution, wastewater collection, and snowmelt systems to maintain operational awareness and identify improvement needs.
  • Develop and implement capital improvement programs for the water distribution and wastewater collection system. Generate and track capital and operating budgets
  • Keep design standards and specifications up to date, and obtain planning studies or master plans for the distribution and collection systems.
  • Oversee private development design review, and direct inspection efforts of HBPW staff and consultants to ensure adequate inspection of  utility construction.
  • Supervise GIS staff and help guide the implementation of GIS and asset management applications.
  • Coordinate transfer of projects between HBPW and City groups, and provide technical assistance as needed.
  • Responsible for safety, training, coaching and general guidance to the W/WW Engineering team.
  • Present project and budget information to the Board of Directors, and participate in city and township planning meetings.

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