Safe Water in Ecuador

Posted By: Stacey Kukkonen Community News, Member Blogs,

     Safe Water in Ecuador (SWIE) sent a team of three to Ecuador at the end of March. The team made multiple community visits while consulting and sharing their expertise with in-country engineers as local partners, seeking to improve engineering in the rural setting in the South American country. On its first full day in the country, the team visited the community of San Martin Bajo, where the community was celebrating its new water system.

     The SWIE team was recognized for a donation of almost $15,000 SWIE given by SWIE for the new system’s pumps, pumphouse, and other accessories. The team also visited the community and system of San Antonio de Quito, a previously funded project where the local non-governmental organization (NGO), Life Giving Water International, is planning remote metering to track water use throughout the community. A few long hikes allowed the team two unique experiences: visiting a mountain spring at more than 13,000 ft to assess the possibility of protecting a community’s water source and circumnavigating a crater lake for a short tourist stop.

     As the SWIE leadership team prepares for MI-ACE this fall, please contact Co-Chairs Colin McCorkle (cmccorkle@ or Jessica Howard ( if you would like to participate in future fundraising opportunities, such as the Section’s golf outing, Chance Auction at MI-ACE, or trips to Ecuador.