Planning & Strategy Committee

  • Carrie Cox
    Carrie Cox
    Chief Engineer Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner
    Committee Member
  • Jaime Fleming
    Jaime Fleming
    Superintendent City of Wyoming Utilities Department
    Committee Member
  • Samarhia Giffel
    Samarhia Giffel
    Administrative Services Officer Grand Rapids Water Department
    Committee Member
  • Wayne Jernberg
    Wayne Jernberg
    Water System Manager Grand Rapids Water Department
    Committee Member
  • Molly Maciejewski
    Molly Maciejewski
    Ann Arbor Public Services
    Committee Member
  • Joel Martinez
    Joel Martinez
    Assistant Manager East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority
    Committee Member
  • Rachel McNamara
    Rachel McNamara
    Project Engineer Abonmarche Consultants Inc
    Committee Member
  • Elliot Smith
    Elliot Smith
    PE, MBA Founder Motmot
    Committee Member
  • Rick Solle
    Rick Solle
    Director of Public Services Plainfield Township
    Committee Member
  • Ariana Wade
    Ariana Wade
    Water/Wastewater Engineer Fishbeck
    Committee Member
  • Frank Williams
    Frank Williams
    Project Manager Peerless-Midwest Inc
    Committee Member
  • Gary A. Wozniak
    Gary A. Wozniak
    Distibution Engineer Lansing Board of Water & Light
    Committee Member
  • Christine Spitzley
    Christine Spitzley
    Principal OHM Advisors
    Committee Chair
  • Jonelle Moore
    Jonelle Moore
    MBA Operations Manager MI-AWWA
    Staff Liaison
  • Rebecca Chesnut
    Rebecca Chesnut
    CMP Events Manager MI-AWWA