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Joint Expo Booth

Joint Expo Booth
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Joint Expo Booth Space Reservation - please select the total # of 10'x10' spaces you would like to reserve. If you purchase more than 12 booths, your space may not be contiguous.

You will need the following information to complete your booth space reservation.

  • booth upgrade - do you want an island or an end cap? You will need to add the Booth Upgrade item to your cart prior to check out as well.
  • promotional activities - will you participate in one of the Hall games (Scavenger Hunt or Poker Run) designed to attract attendees to your booth
  • sponsor - you will need to add the Mixer Sponsor and/or the Lanyard Sponsor item(s) to your cart prior to check out.

You will register staff working the booth after your booth space reservation is complete.

Price: $755

Available until 01/22/2024 at 5:00PM (EST)

Let's Get Some Additional Information

Please complete the requested information below to finish adding Joint Expo Booth to your cart.

Please indicate if you would like to upgrade your booth to an island or an end cap. If so, remember to add that item to your cart.
Please indiciate your top three choices of booth space. This information will be used if you are unable to make your booth assignment appointment.
Please indicate if you would like to participate in either of the promotional activities during the show.
Please indicate any competitors from which you would like separation. Please note: there is no guarantee expressed or implied about booth placement or proximity to competitors.

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