Cyber Security: Everything You Need to Know

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Bad actors are targeting water systems across the country. Some you hear about in the news (below); some you don't because the nature of the attack is so dangerous. 

Regardless of your position in water, wastewater or public works, you work with systems that are Internet-connected. That means your system is at risk. There are steps you can take. Read on to get a better idea of what we're facing.



Kevin Morley, PhD
Federal Relations for AWWA

Tom DeLaura, PE
DeLaura Consulting LLC

Watch the Hearing on Ensuring the Cyber Security of America’s Drinking Water Systems Here

See National News About Cyber Attacks on Water Systems:

Cyber Security Tools
  • Water Sector Cyber Security Risk Management Guidance: Practical, step-by-step guidance from AWWA for protecting process control systems used by the water sector from cyber attacks. Following this guidance saves time and yields more comprehensive, accurate and actionable recommendations from the Assessment Tool.
  • Assessment Tool: This interactive tool asks utilities to examine their use of various technologies. Based on responses, the tool generates a customized, prioritized list of controls most applicable to the utility’s technology applications. Utilities can use this output to determine the implementation status of critical controls designed to mitigate cyber security vulnerabilities. AWWA website login is required for access.
  • Small Systems Guidance: A getting-started guide to help small and rural utilities improve cyber security practices. This resource is targeted for water utilities serving fewer than 10,000 people, and especially those serving fewer than 3,300 people, and follows the Water Sector Cyber security Risk Management Guidance.